The mission of the Juvenile Court is stated in Chapters 2151 and 2152 of the Ohio Revised Code and the rules of Juvenile Procedure as promulgated by the Supreme Court of Ohio.

Under the delinquency and traffic offender chapter, the overriding purposes of the law are (1) protecting the public interest and safety, (2) holding offenders accountable, (3) restoring victims, (4) rehabilitating offenders, and (5) providing for the care, protection, and mental and physical development of children. These purposes are to be achieved through a system of graduated sanctions and services.

Juvenile Court

The Belmont County Juvenile Court is mandated by law to deal with children who are delinquent, unruly, neglected, dependent or abused. The Court also has the authority to take appropriate action deemed to be in the best interests of said children, while also considering what is necessary for the protection of the community. The Juvenile Court has jurisdiction over the parents of said children as well as contributing to the delinquency of a child charges.

Serious Youthful Offenders and blended (Juvenile and Adult) sentences are still provided for in the Ohio Revised Code. Juveniles, in certain circumstance, may be bound over as an adult. Rehabilitation and serving youth in their communities is focused upon throughout Ohio.

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