Belmont County Alternative School
C-CAP Alternative School

Designed to further augment the schools' Assertive Discipline Plan, the program replaces out-of-school suspensions. Additionally, the Virtual Learning Program (VLP) and a GED classroom are operated.


  • The Alternative School will keep students from being at home during their suspension.
  • The Alternative School will help support the school districts in combating non-compliance.
  • To help students obtain a better understanding of their school problems.
  • To give an alternative to the traditional school setting.

School Guidelines:

1. Students suspended from school will be required to attend the C-CAP Alternative School for the period of their suspension.
2. If a, student is suspended three (3) times, the school will file an Unruly charge on the student and he/she will come before the judge.
3. The student's home school will send their assignments which they will complete with the assistance of the Alternative School teacher. The teacher will send the completed homework back to the school and the student will receive a passing grade for his/her assignments.
4. Students take part in a physical activity daily.


Traditional Suspension Classroom

This classroom, for students who are suspended for no more than 10 days from their home school district, is a short term option to prevent youth form being out of the school environment during a suspension.    The youth are required to complete their home school class assignments and are responsible for returning the work to the home school upon completion of their suspension. 

Virtual Learning Program (VLP)

Students enrolled in Virtual Learning Programs (VLP’s) may attend the Alternative school per court orders, school agreements, and/or program acceptance to ensure school assignments are being completed. Often times these students are not disciplined enough to accept the academic and independent challenges of internet based learning from the home environment.  This classroom provides for a structured setting that offers support for students involved with online learning.

GED Classroom

The GED classroom is provided for youth struggling with academic credits making graduation from the traditional high school setting difficult in a timely manner.  In cooperation with home school districts, youth may be referred to begin the GED curriculum as an alternative to the typical high school diploma.  This program has limited space and youth must meet criteria to be approved for this classroom.  Students 18 years of age or younger currently enrolled in school environment. 

Belmont County Learning Center

The Alternative school is located in the basement of Bellaire High School. Students are expected to dress according to school policy. Students are responsible for their own lunch.. Students may bring a sack lunch or may purchase lunch from the Bellaire High School cafeteria.

Belmont County Alternative School
349 South 35th Street
Bellaire, Ohio 43906
(740) 671-9985

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